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Контейнеры для стерилизации








  Стерилизационные контейнеры Мартин (биксы) снабжены специальным антибактериальным микрофильтром MicroStop® 

Особенности систем для стерилизации
фирмы Мартин:

  • Безопасность: гарантируется совершенным микробиологическим барьером - антибактериальным микрофильтром MicroStop® 
  • Экономичность: не требует никаких последующих дополнительных расходных материалов
  • Эргономичность: контейнеры выполненны из аллюминиевого сплава и высоко-прочного термостойкого медицинского пластика, очень легкие, удобные, имеют крышки разного цвета.
  • Простота в обслуживании: инновационный индикатор статуса стерильности, очень удобная система запирания крышки, легко-читаемые компоненты для внутрибольничной службы логистики и т.п.

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(в настоящее время текст ниже представлен только на английском языке.  Приносим извинения за неудобства):

  • Sterile-Containers with MicroStop® 
  • The Container
  • Micro biological barrier MicroStop®
  • Disposal
  • Accessory
  • Containers - Trolleys and Tables made of stainless stee
  • Ergo-Safe System
Thanks to the successful launch of our novel MicroStop ® container system back at the Medica 2001 trade fair, the Martin group of companies has been able to further strengthen its position as a market leader in the field of sterile technology. Martin's innovative container system clearly sets new standards in terms of material as well as handling.

The MicroStop ® sterilization container system actually spares you any follow-up costs because it needs neither a filter system nor seals. Needless to say, this also saves you the logistical efforts of keeping the corresponding materials in stock. The net result is increased efficiency in the daily routine processes of your CSSD.

Doubtless, however, the outstanding feature of this new container system is the revolutionary MicroStop ® bio-barrier, a unique germ retention system that requires no consumables and therefore eliminates all follow-up costs. This microbiological barrier can be resterilized as often as you like and gives you 100% visual control in daily routine operations. The system allows effective sterilization using a so-called “fractionated vacuum procedure" (e.g. as specified by EN 285 and validated in accordance with EN 554), and it reliably ensures that the sterility achieved is retained until the container is opened.

The new sterility status indicator is absolutely maintenance-free and, again, requires no consumables at all. Any unauthorized or accidental opening of the container can be immediately detected by the user at a quick glance.

The container consists of an aluminum box featuring a high-performance, wear-resistant surface coating that additionally protects the base material against adverse external influences. The lid of the MicroStop ® container system is made of special high-performance plastic (PPSU). Despite its low weight, this material is thermostable, scratch-resistant, low-noise and dimensionally stable. This means that no corrosion problems can occur (as in conventional metal lid systems). Likewise, permanent deformations are absolutely prevented with this material (quite in contrast to aluminum or stainless steel lids). In a nutshell, this spares you repair costs as well as associated unavailability times (caused, for example, when products need to be returned to the manufacturer).

The lip-shaped silicone gasket can be easily replaced within a few minutes by the user himself – no gluing required. Moreover, the new container offers unique handling properties and advanced logistics components. The product range includes containers of various dimensions, thus satisfying all international size requirements.


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